Rodrigo Tejada

-What was your involvement with HBSA?

I was a member from 2002 to 2006. I never ran for office because I worked full time selling shoes at Dillard’s to pay tuition. Many of my closest friends are my HBSA mates. About 20 of us are still in a Whatsap group that started as an email chain during our first professional jobs in 2006.  

-Where are you now?

I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Masters of Science in Accountancy from The University of Houston, and hold a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University where I also earned my Six Sigma Black Belt certification. I’m currently the CFO of L-K industries. We manufacture oil and gas testing equipment. I also simultaneously founded Scale Living, a residential development firm building in Northeast Houston. 

-Message to the members.

1) Seek people you admire and find ways to learn from them. You’ll find that there are tons of people willing to help or teach and ask nothing in exchange.  

2) Practice being comfortable with people that are nothing like you. You’ll need all types of people to support you on your path to success. 

3)   Analyze the skill gap in whatever group you work, and find a way to excel at that role. You’ll gain praise for doing what others couldn’t or wouldn’t.

4) Identify power nodes in every organization and seek opportunities to work with them. A power node is normally influential in their group and will have a traceable link to the top of the organization. They normally can propel you as they ascend themselves.

5) Seek organizations every step of the way that match your goals. You’ll be surprised how much value you can gain from helping organizations meet their objectives.  

6) Continuously educate yourself and grow.