Our Success Stories


"I was born and raised here in Houston all my life and have nothing but love and respect for this city. I was surrounded by a Hispanic community throughout my years in school, but when I enrolled to the University of Houston, I was unsure of how I was going to fit in. It was one morning after class when I saw HBSA at Rush Week promoting their Info Night. I decided to attend, unaware of how much my life would change. Since then, I have made countless friends and connections throughout the events, grown as a professional through the competitions, and have gained a strong knowledge of the many opportunities that are out there for people just like me. Looking back at my first few weeks since joining HBSA, it’s crazy to me how much I have grown out of my shell. It just goes to show that the Familia aspect really is powerful in this organization, and the bond between members is our key to success."

— Rutty Serna


Hi my name is Yulissa Galvan I’m a junior at the University of Houston. I’m an accounting major and have been part of HBSA for a semester. With the help of the students in the organization I was able to obtain an internship for Cummins. Cummins is a Forbes 500 company, and this summer in Nashville, Tennessee I will have a role with their accounts payable department.

— Yulissa Galvan